If you are looking to buy or sell a home…

You don’t need a real estate agent, you need the real estate Ninjas.



While you are looking for the perfect house, everyone else is looking at the same houses.  These days, everyone is online. Competition can be fierce!  You need Chuck Norris or Uma Thurman on your side.  

Since those two are busy making movies, you need someone right here in Santa Cruz.  Meet the real estate Ninjas.  

Dressed in black, jumping from roof to roof, they will do flying back flips to find you the home of your dreams.  Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration.  What the ninjas will do is keep their eyes and ears open for potential homes before they get listed on the MLS.  Even better, homes that are not listed on the MLS called “pocket listings”.  Who better than a Ninja to buy or sell a house without a sound? 

Sometimes there are no homes for sale in the neighborhood where you really want to live.   Don’t worry. Leave that to the Ninjas.  They have black belts in sales and marketing from some of the top sales schools in the nation.  They are well trained and ready to put their skills to work for YOU!  

You never know who may be thinking about selling.  Stealth and persistence are qualities that the Ninjas possess.  The Ninjas are calm, controlled, and agile.  Be like water.  Listen to the wind. 



The Ninja can divide by zero.

When it rains, the Ninja doesn’t get wet, the rain gets Ninja.

The Ninja beat the sun in a staring contest.

A blanket uses the Ninja to stay warm.

The Ninja can do a wheelie on a unicycle.

When the Ninja was born she drove her mom home from the hospital.

The Ninja can rip a page out of Facebook.

When the Ninja goes jogging every morning she's actually maintaining earth rotation.

The Ninja can kill two stones with one bird.

When the Ninja enters a room, she doesn't turn the lights on, she turns the dark off.

The Ninja can unscramble an egg.

The Ninja once walked into a sauna. The sauna couldn't take the heat.


Bri's two mini Aussies, Fiji and Kiwi, playing underneath the Capitola Pier at sunrise, Feb 14th 2017.

Bri's two mini Aussies, Fiji and Kiwi, playing underneath the Capitola Pier at sunrise, Feb 14th 2017.

Hi!  Bri here.  Thank you for landing on our site!  I love Santa Cruz and I am passionate about our community.  Please contact us below with any real estate needs that you have and we can set up a meeting.