Record Sales in Santa Cruz County!

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Situated along the Pacific Coast lies the quintessential California county of Santa Cruz. Known for its surfing, it is also known for other outdoor activities, such as cycling and camping. Additionally, the area has grown to over 200,000 full time residents. Aside from the county’s growth, the real estate market of the region has grown to an all time high.

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In this article, I will highlight the real estate environment of Santa Cruz County. Based on the information provided, you will want to call Santa Cruz County home for many years to come .

According to the most recent study by MLS Listings,  the median price for a house in Santa Cruz County in March 2018 was $910,000. In comparison, the median price of a home in Santa Cruz County in March of 2017 was $814,000. One of the houses that was sold during the county’s huge spike in median price was  918 Pelton Avenue for $860,000. It was sold in March 2018 by Live Love Santa Cruz, one of Santa Cruz's most progressive real estate companies. The sharp increase in the median price of a home imply two aspects about the real estate environment in Santa Cruz County. Firstly, it shows that the price increase of homes are not thwarting potential residents from living in the area. Additionally, it demonstrates that purchasing a home in Santa Cruz County provides many economic opportunities. The county has invested over $320 million in construction projects, which are transforming the region into a desirable place for employment opportunities. The growth of construction in Santa Cruz County also allows you to learn more about the surrounding neighborhoods and find one that suits your personality and your respective interests.

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A few of the desirable neighborhoods in Santa Cruz County are Live Oak and the University of California Santa Cruz/ Empire Grade. Both of these neighborhood’s values are driven by three main factors. The first is convenience. If you love to surf or relax at the beach, then you should consider Live Oak. Another factor that has increased property values in Santa Cruz County is its access to world-class educational institutions. Students and professors of the University of California at Santa Cruz tend to inhabit the university area. Lastly, the low vacancy rate at 1.59% of the Santa Cruz metro area also directly correlates to the appreciating neighborhoods of the region.


Because of the high cost of living in Santa Cruz County, the price of gas in the area is also high. It is about $3.50. Therefore, when moving to the area, it is suggested to buy an energy efficient vehicle that suits you your style and needs. Welcome Home to Santa Cruz County, we have been expecting you!